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All should be aware of this..

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1All should be aware of this.. Empty All should be aware of this.. on Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:32 am

Tonight after the incedent of the umbrella guys,when i was in HQ with some SG1's some masked guys were surrounding us and they were make suspecious moves,they were in a green stultan and was there a black van..but then they disapered,they leaved but when i was with John in his Huntley a black van with some masked guys start shooting at us with mp5's and so..we made it but the huntley was pretty damaged,and they lost us...we called cops several times and when John needed to go (go offline) I ask for a ride and Davies they camed again and shoot us agan,dont know who are they but sure have a perpose to kill LS-CSS menbers and we need to know the reason and who is behind all this..
I come here just to informe you guys behare and try be always redy to react when masked guys come to you..
I hope we can get this persons and good luck all.
Regards Yami_Kenji.

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