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Application Francisco_Zuniga [ACCEPTED - Academy 6]

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Personal Details

1) Surname: Zuniga
1.1) First names: Francisco
1.2) Age: 18
1.3) Gender: Male
1.4) Phone number:1073212
1.5) Current Adress: Near LSPD

2) Are you Currently in employment?: No

2.1) If yes, what is your current occupation?: -

3) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: No

4) Have you ever served time in prison?: No

5) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes
5.1) Has your driving license ever been suspended?: No

6) Do you have a firearm license?: No

7) Tell us something about yourself and why you wish to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 200 words): I’m a happy person, very polite and a patient person too. I like socializing with my partners and making new friends, I only use force in self-defense cases, i work very hard in my job because i don’t like doing a bad job, I came to San Andreas looking for a better life and a good job that I think is this one. I will study every day to be more prepared for the next day of work in the company. I have goals in my life that i want to achieve and helping people and their security is part of the most important ones. i want to enter to this company because I want to help and someone got to stop robbers, scammers or murderers from doing his things and the police doa lot of work but it’s still need help so in that the company takes his part and brings expert people to resolve security issues and I want to be part of this noble institution and bring more help in the mission of protecting people from bad guys 24/7


(( OOC ))

1) Gender: Male
1.1) In-game level: 1
1.2) Age: 18
1.3) Geographical location: Santiago, Chile
1.4) Past character names + Levels: No

2) Screenshot of your admin record(s) [For ALL past accounts please]:
Application Francisco_Zuniga [ACCEPTED - Academy 6] Dibujo2zf

3) For how long have you been playing on LS-RP?: 5 hours

4) How many hours do you play every day?: 1-3

5) Have you been member of another factions?: No
5a) If yes, which factions and why did you leave?: -

6) Can you communicate effectively in the English language?: Yes

7) Tell us about yourself and why you want to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 100 words):I like the company because its goal is to protect and secure people. the police offers more public security so they´re subject to availability but the company can offer a 24/7 security with high grades of efficiency and i want to be part of that efficiency and help the people in his security issues because no one is free of the danger of being alone in the streets and with so many gangs and mafias out there it will be my job to make the streets safer. The idea of protecting people is very important to me and I’ll be glad in doing this job

Cool Do you posses any Law Enforcement Knowledge?:No
8.1) If yes, explain fully: -

9) Do you know your way around Los Santos well?: Yes



If you have any references from a current guard in Los Santos Civil Security Services, insert them here.

Guard's name:

Current rank:


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Application Francisco_Zuniga [ACCEPTED - Academy 6] M9an0h


Dear sir,

We are glad to inform you that your application has been accepted. The next academy will take place on Monday, the 5th of July, at 19:30 hours, located at Downtown apartments. For more information about the location and time, go to Academy Section > Academy information.

Kind regards,

Laura John

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