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Martin Rance [ACCEPTED - Academy 5]

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1Martin Rance [ACCEPTED - Academy 5] Empty Martin Rance [ACCEPTED - Academy 5] on Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:58 pm

Personal Details

1) Surname: Rance
1.1) First names: Martin
1.2) Age: 30
1.3) Gender: Male
1.4) Phone number: 1042591
1.5) Current Adress: 54th Pershing Square, Los Santos, San Andreas.

2) Are you Currently in employment?: Nope

2.1) If yes, what is your current occupation?: n/A

3) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: Nope

4) Have you ever served time in prison?: Nope

5) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes
5.1) Has your driving license ever been suspended?: Nope

6) Do you have a firearm license?: Yes

7) Tell us something about yourself and why you wish to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 200 words): I am Martin Rance, a current normal citizen of Los Santos. I was a LSPD officer with the rank of Police Officer I. I've been fired for a personal reason. Then I decided to go on a vacation for around 2 months then I came back. When I came back I found LSP applications are open so I decided to apply to join, I joined and stayed on the job for 2 weeks then I quit for some personal reason too. After that I heard about LS-CSS, first I thought it was a video game, then I knew its a department of Law Enforcement with the support of some Law Enforcement departments like LSPD and SASD. I want to join LS-CSS because I am a Law Enforcer, its something in my blood I can't really do something other than Law Enforcement, as I am currently young. I want to join so I can spend my life-time and quit in the age of 50 or something so I can be a good example for my children later on. And that is all about my life and why I really want to join Los Santos Civil Security Services. Just because I am young, I got to do something important of my future.


(( OOC ))

1) Gender: Male
1.1) In-game level: 4
1.2) Age: 30
1.3) Geographical location: Egypt, Cairo.
1.4) Past character names + Levels: Sam Anderson : 7, John Rinoz : 5, Mia Bragosti : 6

2) Screenshot of your admin record(s) [For ALL past accounts please]: John Rinoz - Mia Bragosti - Martin Rance - Sam Anderson

3) For how long have you been playing on LS-RP?: A year and a month

4) How many hours do you play every day?: Depends, around 2-3 hours

5) Have you been member of another factions?: Yes
5a) If yes, which factions and why did you leave?: LSPD, inactivity

6) Can you communicate effectively in the English language?: Yes

7) Tell us about yourself and why you want to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 100 words): I am just a normal guy, 14 years old. Really interested in RP and some war games. At the moment war games are taking most of my time because I've nothing else to do on LSRP, when I join LS-CSS, I will have a reason to be online on LSRP most of the time. I am also interested in heavy RP thats why I was in LSPD, but I got kicked for inactivity because I went on a vacation and my microphone was fucked up. I want to join LS-CSS because I've seen them move alot the last few days and I really liked how they work and so.

8 ) Do you posses any Law Enforcement Knowledge?: Yes
8.1) If yes, explain fully: I was a LSPD officer and I was also a LSP guard

9) Do you know your way around Los Santos well?: Yes



If you have any references from a current guard in Los Santos Civil Security Services, insert them here.

Guard's name:

Current rank:



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2Martin Rance [ACCEPTED - Academy 5] Empty Re: Martin Rance [ACCEPTED - Academy 5] on Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:04 pm

Martin Rance [ACCEPTED - Academy 5] M9an0h


Dear sir,

We are glad to inform you that your application has been accepted. The next academy will take place at Thursday, 1st of July, on 19:30, and will take place at Downtown apartments. You can find the exact location here.

Feel free to e-mail me with any further questions. (( forum PM ))

Kind regards,

Laura John
LS-CSS Director

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