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Welcome to LS-CSS. We are providing our clients with well-trained security guards, to guard events, restaurants, hotels, shops etc. Safety first!

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1(( KEYBINDINGS )) Empty (( KEYBINDINGS )) on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:00 pm


This information is for all of our employees who are using a keybinding program. I use the following binds for those who wants to know:

'/enter' (currently on / at numpad)
'/exit' (currently on * at numpad)
'/exitcar' (currently on F3)
'/engine' (currently on F2)
'/lock' (currently on F1)
'/do || LS Civil Security Services || [my number]' - When driving the Merit. (Currently on num Cool
'/do || Los Santos Civil Security Services || >>> RAPID RESPONSE UNIT >>> || [my number]' When driving my Comet. (currently on F9)
'/ame has 'LS Civil Security' written on the back of her suit.' - Only using this when on foot. (Currently on num 2)
'/ame signals to the left >>>' (I suggest to place this one on num 7)
'/ame signals to the right <<<' ( I suggest to place this one on num 9)

This are all of the keybinds I use. To download the keybinder program I use, click here.

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