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Your application got denied? [READ]

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1Your application got denied? [READ] Empty Your application got denied? [READ] on Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:08 pm

- If your application got denied, you're allowed to re-apply two days later from the date you applied, unless you got told to do otherwise.

- You are allowed to copy and paste your application, but this isn't recommended, because it wont help it to get accepted.

- You HAVE to make a new screenshot of your admin record if you re-apply. Even if there are no other offences added to it in those two days.

- You are not allowed to copy and paste applications from other people. We WILL find out and we WILL ban you from re-applying for LS-CSS.

- Do NOT spam in the recruitment section. Useless posters will be warned. After three warnings, you will be banned for a week.

- NEVER ask a LS-CSS to check your application. If you keep whining about the fact it isn't checked yet, they have basically enough reason to deny you again.

- If your application got denied due to lack of effort, we strongly recommend you to simply put some more effort in it. Try to improve it and make it look professional.

Hope this is enough information for now. If you have any further questions, PM me.

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