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**Notice: Top Priority**

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Our new top priority (as said by The Director), is to assist the LSPD and its ACU in tracking down Benjamin_Kingston, and Andrew_Scott. Other than that they have an associate, which looks like *desc. Jake_Kingston.*

Also: The Director has been contacted by Andrew_Scott by phone again, which means our employees are not out of harm's way yet. I ask all employees to be extremely aware of their surroundings, and please (this my be ironic), do not talk to strangers. I, myself, am under suspicion that a certain ACU agent may be part of them, but that is merely a theory.

These men are EXTREMELY dangerous, and are not to be messed with. We know for certain that they own a Bullet, a Maverick, and possibly a Sultan. Be wary, be alert, and do not trust anyone! ((Especially if they have a mask on.))

SSgt Martin Harrison,
Head of the Administration Department,
Los Santos Civil Security Services

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