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Welcome to LS-CSS. We are providing our clients with well-trained security guards, to guard events, restaurants, hotels, shops etc. Safety first!

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LS-CSS Price-List

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LS-CSS Price-List M9an0h

Administration Department

*DISCLAIMER: You are only able to buy one of the four packages below, and extras at the bottom of the page. You cannot request “someone” for “sometime”. If you only want a number of guards for a short period of time, then we recommend you take the Bronze Package.*


Bronze Package - $20,000

*48 hour access
*Three cars (at most)
*Six men (at most)
*Able to guard two locations

Silver Package - $50,000

*96 hour access
*Three cars (at most)
*Six men (at most)
*Inter-L.S. transportation
*Able to guard four locations

Gold Package - $70,000

*One week access
*Five cars (at most)
*Ten men (at most)
*Able to guard five locations
*L.S./Red County transportation

Ultimate Package - $100,000

*Two week access
*Unlimited cars
*Unlimited men
*Able to guard unlimited locations
*Statewide transportation

.::*IN ADDITION: You pay $1,000 extra for every man injured and $5,000 extra for every car destroyed*::.


Random Extras

*A guard - $1,000/hour
*A car - $3,000/hour
*Extra location guarding - $5,000/location
*Onetime transport only - $3,000/Los Santos | $8,000/Red County | $11,000/Statewide

Radio Response - $10,000

This is a weekly service. Which means if you apply for this, you will have a access to it for seven days. See here

Queries? Please email them to mHarrison@lscss.com ((PM)) for a quick reply.

Martin Harrison,
Head of the Administration Department,
Los Santos Civil Security Services

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