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Asley_Edwards [DENIED]

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1Asley_Edwards [DENIED] Empty Asley_Edwards [DENIED] on Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:28 pm

b]Personal Details[/b]

1) Surname: Edwards
1.1) First names: Asley
1.2) Age: 25
1.3) Gender: Male
1.4) Phone number: 1072252
1.5) Current Adress: El Corona

2) Are you Currently in employment?: Grotti and Mechanic

2.1) If yes, what is your current occupation?: I work Grotti as a Guard

3) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: No Never

4) Have you ever served time in prison?: No Never

5) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes
5.1) Has your driving license ever been suspended?: No Never

6) Do you have a firearm license?: No

7) Tell us something about yourself and why you wish to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 200 words):

Well My name is Asley Edwards im 25 years old and i live in El Corona. I live with my Brother Suther and im just a normal guy who drives around and goes to the Gym everyday. I always Respect People and i never be harsh to People. I want to join this for a reason.
I want to Protect the Clubs and the City because there is alot of criminals in the town and i want then to stop and bring them to a end. I always wanted to be a security guard and stop people who are criminals and be like a Secret Guard so i can spy on People. I always wanted to join in a job that has good and nice people who fight for crime and stop the fighting. I like to do that and that is my hobby.
I saw the Cars and it was pretty Awesome and the logo and as i looked at it, it was awesome and that is what im looking for a Good company with good cars, good people and a good company. I want to stop criminals and bring them to a end.


(( OOC ))

1) Gender: Male
1.1) In-game level: 2
1.2) Age: 18
1.3) Geographical location: United Kindom
1.4) Past character names + Levels:

2) Screenshot of your admin record(s) [For ALL past accounts please]: Asley_Edwards [DENIED] Adminrecord

3) For how long have you been playing on LS-RP?: About 8 hours but got alot of RP experience

4) How many hours do you play every day?: 5 hours

5) Have you been member of another factions?: Nope
5a) If yes, which factions and why did you leave?:

6) Can you communicate effectively in the English language?: Yes and i speak other language too.

7) Tell us about yourself and why you want to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 100 words): Well when i started Los Santos i just drive alot and i do not do anythink. I always get bored and my friends are offline. Being a guard is good and it is a Awesome Roleplay Experience

Cool Do you posses any Law Enforcement Knowledge?: Nope
8.1) If yes, explain fully:

9) Do you know your way around Los Santos well?: Yes



If you have any references from a current guard in Los Santos Civil Security Services, insert them here.

Guard's name: Michaelle

Current rank: Don't know

Quotation: Don't Know

----------------------------------[img]Asley_Edwards [DENIED] Adminrecord[/img][img][/img]

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2Asley_Edwards [DENIED] Empty Re: Asley_Edwards [DENIED] on Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:25 pm

Asley_Edwards [DENIED] M9an0h


Dear sir,

We regret to inform you that your application has been denied due to the following reason(s):

- Lack of effort

Other notes: Put some more effort in it and I'll accept you. You are allowed to place a new application.

Feel free to e-mail me for any further questions. (( forum PM ))

Laura John
Acting director of LS-CSS

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