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[NEWEST SERVICE] Radio Response service

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[NEWEST SERVICE] Radio Response service M9an0h

Dear client,

We have encountered a new and improved service. We currently own two radio frequencies: 313712, and 3214. The first one is for our personnel only, and the second one is for our clients. These have to be on two different slots, so every employee has to have an advanced radio.

How does it work?

It works very simple. You receive a radio from our company, and the only thing you have to do it to tune in on radio requency 3214. (( auth will be PMed to you when applying for this service. )) When you are in need of help, just shout something on your radio, and we will be on our way. Please always try to remain calm in emergency situations, and provide us your current location and situation, so we know where we have to go and we know where we have to prepare ourselves for.


Yes, also this service isn't free. It will cost you weekly 10 000 dollars. But that's not all; everytime you call for our services, regardless how many of us are responding to your call, the billing price will be raised with 100 dollars. For example: You called us two times in a week, the bills at the end of the week will be 10200 dollars.

(( Radio help ))

(( It is possible to buy a radio at the nearest 24/7. It'll cost you 1000 dollars, for the weakest radio. This one supports one slot. The radio of 2000 dollars supports two slots, and the 3000 dollar one supports 3 slots. For example: You're having the advanced radio, with 3 slots. You will be abled to be on 3 different radio frequencies at the same time. You can switch between those slots with /setslot [Slot number]. You van set up a channel by typing this command: /setchannel [slot number] [frequency]. I hope this tutorial was clear enough for you. Feel free to PM me with any further questions. ))

Kind regards,

Laura John
Acting director of LS-CSS

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