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Cody Thompson [ACCEPTED - academy #2]

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1Cody Thompson [ACCEPTED - academy #2] Empty Cody Thompson [ACCEPTED - academy #2] on Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:55 pm

Personal Details

1) Surname: Thompson
1.1) First names: Cody
1.2) Age: 23
1.3) Gender: Male
1.4) Phone number: 1035379
1.5) Current Adress: Jetty Lounge, Marina, Los Santos.

2) Are you Currently in employment?: I am not.

2.1) If yes, what is your current occupation?: N/A

3) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?: I have not.

4) Have you ever served time in prison?: I have not.

5) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: I do.
5.1) Has your driving license ever been suspended?: It has not.

6) Do you have a firearm license?: I do not.

7) Tell us something about yourself and why you wish to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 200 words):

I am Cody Thompson, born in Mobile, Alabama, 1987. I was raised like any other normal boy of my age: Went to school and high school, then however, dropped out of my Public Service education at college which made me never get a very good job in the rest of my life. However, I am trying to compensate my loss of education with a positive behaviour, good actions in the field and a new look on certain situations. I have always done many sports and was outside majority of the time, which gave me the vitality to life my live in the rather boring township I was born.

I have moved to Los Santos quite recently, and have found a nice house to rent and a nice car to drive. I'm currently looking for a job, and I think I have found one now, the Los Santos Civil Security Services.

I want to join because I think with my sporty childhood and vital lifestyle, I can bring a new look to this department, which will certainly be a good thing for me. Obviously, money is also one of the factors that made me decide to apply for this job.

Those are the reasons I am applying.


(( OOC ))

1) Gender: Male
1.1) In-game level: 4
1.2) Age: 14
1.3) Geographical location: The Netherlands
1.4) Past character names + Levels: None

2) Screenshot of your admin record(s) [For ALL past accounts please]:

Cody Thompson [ACCEPTED - academy #2] Cody_t10

3) For how long have you been playing on LS-RP?: Since quite recently, February 2010

4) How many hours do you play every day?: 2-3 hours per day.

5) Have you been member of another factions?: I have not.
5a) If yes, which factions and why did you leave?: N/A

6) Can you communicate effectively in the English language?: I can.

7) Tell us about yourself and why you want to become a Los Santos Civil Security Services guard (minimum 100 words):

I'm 14 years old, from the Netherlands. I want to join the LSCSS because it seems like a very new, yet promising faction which I can use at the moment. I want to give it a shot for the time being and see how far it goes. I'm very interested in any Law Enforcement factions (or anything near it really) because it is very good to roleplay on LS-RP, and just a hell lot of fun. That is the main reason why I am applying. Another reason is that I think I can do pretty well here, because I feel I have the right mentality and vision to work here.

8) Do you posses any Law Enforcement Knowledge?: I do not.
8.1) If yes, explain fully: N/A

9) Do you know your way around Los Santos well?: I do.



If you have any references from a current guard in Los Santos Civil Security Services, insert them here.

Guard's name:

Current rank:



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2Cody Thompson [ACCEPTED - academy #2] Empty Re: Cody Thompson [ACCEPTED - academy #2] on Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:29 pm

Cody Thompson [ACCEPTED - academy #2] M9an0h

Dear applicant,

Congratulations, we are glad to inform you that your application has been ACCEPTED. Next academy session will take place on 25th of June, at 19:30 at the Commerce Office Complex at Geller Road 19 east of LSPD.

Notes: Not bad application. I see you've put some effort into it.

Kind regards,
Sgt. David Paxton
Head of LS-CSS Human Resources Department

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