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Welcome to LS-CSS. We are providing our clients with well-trained security guards, to guard events, restaurants, hotels, shops etc. Safety first!

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(( Can't login for some reason? ))

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1(( Can't login for some reason? )) Empty (( Can't login for some reason? )) on Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:36 pm

The reason of this is probably that we namechanged your forum account. Important rule: You must register with your ingame name. If not, it will be changed to your ingame name. The list below shows the people we already changed:

Shawn_Imani > Yami_Kenji (On request)
xcorpion > Brian_Gray
John_Phagan > David_Paxton (On request)
Jamie > Asley_Edwards
2Bucks > Justin_Roach
Cane > Jerome_Cane

Note: Your password wont change when your name is changed, unless you're told it is. Don't worry.

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