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Application Celso Ortiz [ACCEPTED - academy 2]

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(( IC ))

1) Surname: Ortiz
1.1) First names: Celso
1.2) Gender: male
1.3) Phone number: 1070523
1.4) current Adress: Blueberry

2) Are you Currently in employment?: Yes

2.1) If yes, what is your current occupation?: I'm car mechanic.It only for Money.It's not big job,and i can quit it for this job in your firm.

3) Have you ever been convicted for a serious crime?:No

4) Have you ever served time in prison?: No

5) Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?: Yes
5.1) Has your driving license ever been suspended?: No

6) Collaboratively describe yourself (Min. 1 paragraphs) and why you wish to become a MultiSec security guard (minimal 2 paragrahps):
I'm 23 years old man.I saw many in this life,i was in gangs,i was in mafias.I like work in team.I born in Colombia.My origin is Latino-American.All my life i lived in Colombia.I know Mexican ,and Spanish(Because my mother always tryed to teach me,all my childhood.But one English it's my native language
I'm better driver and better shooter.Driver(In past i was street racer)Shooter(Gang and mafia took their).One problem....i'm smoking

I want to join because it's good money. You must know i didn't want be a cop.I hate they. But if i'm better soldier i must always end my missions.Like my father teached me in my childhood-if you got down to business,you must end it.I think it's key words in any business, especially in such as the preservation of person's life.
I know how work in team. I know how to protect peoples because i know how to kill they.


(( OOC ))

1) Gender: Male
1.1)In-game level: 5
1.2) Age: 16
1.3) Geographical location: Ukraine
1.4) Past character names + Levels: N/A

2) Screenshot of your admin record(s) [For ALL past accounts please]:
Application Celso Ortiz [ACCEPTED - academy 2] 2mq99ad

3) Can you communicate effectively in the English language?:I can write and speak.Better i can speak,because there i mustn't check my grammar.

4) Tell us about yourself and why you want to become a MultiSec Security guard:I have experience in this work.I worked bodyguard was head of security.In the past i was right hand of boss I should do all.From protection to preparations of coffe.I want join in your firm,because it's good money,and i very like teamwork.I have friend who started teach in academy,and i want work with they.

5) Do you posses any Law Enforcement Knowledge?:Yes.I have knowlege about Law Enforcement. If my client will want,i can work like lawyer.
5.1) If yes, explain fully:If my client will tryed be arrested by cop. I can work like lawyer.And all will be end.
Explain: Today.One cop tryed to frisk me and my car.I was clean but why should he?
Well.Then I began to brought my accusations to him. To ask the certificate. And you knew? What for a usual frisk of the person must be the paper with the allowed?

6) Do you know your way around Los Santos well?: Sure, I know.If my client will want to know,i know LV too.((I played on Italy Mafia server there all game was in LV))



If you have any references from a current guard in MultiSec security services, insert them here.

Guard's name: No.

Current rank: N/A

Quotation: N/A


[size=150]Additional information / questions / concerns[/size]

No thanks,i understood all.(realy)

I tryed to correct grammar and to put more efforts.
Thank you for reading.
Celso Ortiz

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2Application Celso Ortiz [ACCEPTED - academy 2] Empty RE: on Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:19 pm

Application Celso Ortiz [ACCEPTED - academy 2] M9an0h

Dear sir,

We are glad to inform you that your application has been accepted. The next academy will take place at the big office complex, just east of LSPD, at the 25th of June, at 19:30 hours. (( servertime )) Feel free to forum PM me for any further questions.

Kind regards,

Laura John
Director LS-CSS

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