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Welcome to LS-CSS. We are providing our clients with well-trained security guards, to guard events, restaurants, hotels, shops etc. Safety first!

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Client Status (Format inside)

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1Client Status (Format inside) Empty Client Status (Format inside) on Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:03 pm

Client Status (Format inside) M9an0h
Administration Department


Please use this format and post on this topic if you have, by some chance, got another client for us. Refrain from posting useless things in this topic:

[b]Client's Name:[/b] - [i]<Their name>[/i]

[b]Client's Order:[/b] - [i]<What they want>[/i]

[b]Status:[/b] - [i]<Are they a once off client? Or do they want to be a permanent client?>[/i]
[b]Phone number of client:[/b][i]<number>[/i]

Martin Harrison,
Head of the Administration Department,
Los Santos Civil Security Services

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